Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Geethanjali background score - Ilayaraja

The everlasting classic by Ilaiyaraaja and Mani Ratnam !!!

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My friend "Magical" describes about Geethanjali's BGM please read. He originally posted this write-up in a site www.pathabangaram.com. That is a wonderful site for old telugu songs. Interested people may register in it.

Recollect the bunch of the most successful movies of the 80s and early 90s.. Mounaragam, Geethanjali, vichita sodharalu ,sitara,swathi muthyam etc.. What strikes you the most? The cast? The plot? The Director No certainly not(excluding songs).. But you will certainly recollect the famous title theme of Geethanjali, or the famous flash-back theme of Mounaragam..or the famous love theme of sitara.

What would have been Manirathnam’s Geethanjali, if not for the symphony like Background music of Ilayaraja? Has any other music director in India, influenced to this extend, the success rate of the movies.. Probably not.. that makes Ilayaraja so special to me..

Once upon a time there was a stream called ‘Vamsy Movies’ in Telugu cinemas. When Vamsy’s second movie ‘Sithara’ was on the making, he got discouraging feedbacks from his crew. Dissappointed Vamsy aproached Ilayaraja.. Ilayaraja assured Vamsy that he has taken a very good movie indeed, and he completed the background scores for it.. The movie became a commercial success, after which it fetched the award for the best regional movie..

If anyone has seen the scary ‘Anweshana’ or the action-packed ‘Shiva’ or the fantasy ‘Jagadekaveerudu Athiloka Sundari’, would probably have noticed the final title-cards, for its mind-boogling scores..

Follow the title-cards of ‘Vichitra sodarulu"carefully.. After the fight scenes, the music gears up and tense everyone, and suddenly the mood changes to the maternal pains, of losing the kids – there comes Ilayaraja with his favorite theme in flute.. Can anybody else in India, even think of such kind of music pieces?

In geethanjali movie the bgm which comes after nagarjuna's accident is awesome and the same bgm is used in the movie tholi prema for the same scene ie the scene after the pawan kalyan's accident.